Ipek Türeli

The main question that animates my teaching is the role of architecture in the articulation, mediation, and negotiation of political selves. My work recognizes not only the agency of the built environment but also of architects. I have recently lectured and published on how architects have used their professional knowledge to advocate for justice, a topic that has received relatively little attention. My current research spans the full range of social engagement in the profession, from the longer history of humanitarian architecture, such as that of religious missionaries, to more recent efforts by contemporary designers to contribute to social movements. My work supports a new generation of architects interested in social justice by building on the profession’s history in this realm, as well as the discipline’s record of urban advocacy.

Before joining McGill, I focused on visualizations of the city in photography, film, exhibitions, and museums. My research on Istanbul was awarded the Regents Fellowship at UC Berkeley, and external grants by the Graham Foundation and Middle East Research Competition. I co-edited, with Deniz Gokturk and Levent Soysal, Orienting Istanbul (2010); and guest editedInternational Journal of Islamic Architecture’s special issue on “Streets of Protest” (March 2013). My new project on the intertwined histories of transnational education and global architectural practice is supported by FQRSC and SSHRC.

Ipek Türeli
Assistant Professor of Architecture
McGill University
PhD (UC Berkeley)
AA Diploma (Architectural Association, School of Architecture)
BArch (Istanbul Technical University)

Contact email:
ipek (dot) tureli (at) mcgill (dot) ca

School of Architecture
McGill University
Macdonald-Harrington Building
815 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0C2 Canada



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